Preparing parcels for shipping
Our online clothing boutique always very careful preparing parcels for shipping. So, now I will tell you how we prepare our goods for a meeting with their new owners.
  •  The first thing we do is to carefully examine the item to make sure it is absolutely identical to its description on the product page. We always inspect things in great detail before putting them up for sale, so the state of things is always 100% identical to what is written on its page in the "CONDITION" section. If during the pre-sale inspection of the item we found out something that does not coincide with the description, then we inform you about this and already jointly decide on further actions, it may be the cancellation of the deal, the discount, the replacement of the goods, or if the change in the state of the thing is not significant for You, then we leave the terms of the transaction unchanged. If during the pre-sale check we did not find any inconsistencies with the description, then we proceed to the second stage - preparation for the pack.
  •  We are responsible about what we sell. Absolutely every thing that we sell, whether it is new or pre-owned, is treated with steam and ironing. Thanks to the newest equipment that we use, steaming not only gives the clothes a fresh look, but also has an antibacterial effect, and also removes all extraneous odors from things. Thanks to all these procedures, the thing gets to you clean and ready for use immediately after receipt.
  •  Packaging is the most important part of preparing the goods for shipment. Item before it hits your hands, it will fly and pass thousands of kilometers, change several vehicles, dozens of times will be shifted from place to place. Therefore, in order for you to receive the goods in condition as we sent it to you, we pay special attention to packaging. We use a double packing, first we pack the clothes in a cellophane cover, this creates a tight packing and prevents the ingress of moisture, vapors, dust, and other undesirable effects during transportation, then we pack in the cardboard box into which we put your packaged purchase, we always use cardboard boxes, it allows to save item from mechanical damages when transporting, and also prevents a thing to be rumpled in way.
Shipping time
We do all is possible that you receive parcel as quickly as possible, therefore we ALWAYS ship the parcels within 1-2 business days from the moment of payment for the item. In the event that the post office weekends or holidays and we can not send you a package within 1-2 days, we will contact you and warn you about it. IMPORTANT! We always send parcels ONLY BY AIR, because it is much faster than by land or ship. Usually, from the moment ship parcel in the post office, it leaves the borders of our country within 3-5 days. after that, depending on the distance, the parcel arrives in the recipient's country within 5-15 days. After the parcel arrives in your country, it is delivered to you by local mail within 2-10 days. On average, the usual delivery time is 12-25 days.
Tracking parcels
The ability to track parcels is a very important part of safe online shopping. We agree with this, so ALWAYS our parcels have a tracking number! After we ship your parcel, we always write for you it tracking number.