We want that you to be satisfied, sell in any way - this is not our way. Our target is to add pleasant moments to your life, and doing this on an ongoing basis, we are interested in long-term cooperation, therefore if you received item and you did not like color, size or anything else, do not worry, we will gladly take the item back and refund you money.


 Returned goods must comply with our clothing store return policy:

  • Goods must be returned undamaged and in original condition and with all related accessories, if there are such (box, case, etc.)
  • Parts of the goods must not be damaged and have no traces of use (for example, scratches on buttons or zip runner)

 Please be careful with the goods you want to return, we accept returns only when it complies with our return policy.

Return process

 The buyer pays for return shipping. In order to return a product, it must comply with our return policy.
 If you decide to return item, the first thing you need to do is write us about this by email
 The refund request must be submitted no later than 30 days from the moment after receiving parcel from us.
What next?
 After we respond to your request for a refund, you need to send the goods back within 14 business days and provide us parcel tracking number.
 Carefully pack the product with all the associated parts and accessories that came with the product.
 When completing the postal declaration, in the "estimated cost" section specify the cost not more than 50$ (for all items).

Return products to this address:
Natalia Uzhviy st. 60 app. 55
Kharkiv, UA 61195


 After we receive the goods returned by you, we will check its condition and if everything all right and the product complies with our return policy, we will refund the money to you using the same payment method that we received from you.